Five Simple Ways to Get Excited about Tomorrow’s Shift



These are the things that you can do to lessen work-life stress and hassle. I personally live on these tips, and they are “SUBOK NA!”

  1. The Night Before Work Day

Prepare EVERYTHING that you can possibly prepare the night before. Personally, this trick saves me an hour of preparation every morning. Prepare your match of clothes, lay it somewhere or hang it, and be excited with the thought of how awesome you’ll look with the outfit you chose. If you  a wear uniform, (and you are a magnificent working lady,) spice it up with accessories. You could even prepare your wardrobe for the next five working days if you’re super organized and prepared on literally everything.


Also, if the food won’t spoil, prepare or cook your breakfast, and pack your lunch already. Put everything together: spoon/ fork /chopsticks, drink, snack, and the meal itself in your lunch bag.

The following morning, all you have to think about is how to look polished because you know that you will just have to grab your lunch from the fridge. Basically, woo all of your worries tonight.

  1. The Morning After

Wake up earlier than you usually do. Make time to waste some time. Destress your mind. This applies to all work schedules. Whether you work on a regular day shift, mid-shift, or graveyard. It might sound wasteful, but actually allotting time (let’s say, an hour) for yourself to do the things that you want to do for the entire day could actually make a difference. Doing these things that make you happy before heading out the door would give you a positive mood for the entire shift because you won’t end up watching the clock every hour just so you can go home and do your “thing”- whatever your plan is.

giphy (1).gif

  1. On the Way to Work

Take a different route to work. This may sound inconvenient at first because often, commuters and drivers have already established their routines. However, you might want to try this out to have something new in your work day, and who knows, you might appreciate your regular commute that you have hating these days when the alternative turns out to be worse. I understand that this might be a little hard to do because everyone tries to stay out of the road as soon as possible because of the stress  of traffic, pollution, and hard commute. The only thing that we can about these is to maximize whatever we have while looking for better options.

giphy (2).gif

  1. The Shift

Set realistic goals for the day. This idea is really cliché, but remember that the line is only this used because it WORKS! Almost nothing could make us feel worse than being disappointed and frustrated every single day because we continually fail ourselves with the daily tasks that we are not completing. This leads to the stress that makes us feel that we don’t want to even want to try surviving one more working day because we think that we won’t anyways.

  1. Help Yourself from Within

Sometimes, our bodies fail us. Technically speaking, we are  equipped with the basic healthy functions and features of our systems and organs, and that make us capable of working. Hence, we need to do our part to take care of our body, especially because it serves us well every day. We always battle with pollution on our commute and stress in the workplace.

giphy (3).gif

This is where help comes in. We need to exert effort in eating healthy and taking supplements or vitamins regularly. Personally, I drink at least four of these every night. I take turmeric capsule, fish oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C. These are the ones that work for me, they make my skin look nice and glowing, and they make body function smoothly. I have to specify that I  like vitamin C the most because it improves my immune system because it is anti-oxidant, in addition to many of its benefits.

One popular and trusted brand of Vitamin C in the Philippines is Fern-C.  I did some Google magic and Fern-C’s website states that it is “the First Non-Acidic Vitamin C in the Philippines and the only Quali-C Vitamin C made from Europe, ensuring quality to millions of Filipinos.” Promising! Also, my Filipino family and I can attest to its quality because we have loved it, and we still buy it every now and then. It is a plus that it is non-acidic because we need supplements that are actually beneficial for our overall health, and not just for aesthetics.

388971_256763261043403_1011934398_n photo source.

You can follow Fern-C on these pages to get to know the brand more:

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Thanks for reading! Till next post🙂



Want to break it up? 16 Quick Questions to Ask Yourself, Toxic Lover!

When in doubt, ask. Sometimes, you have to. Asking yourself is way easier than asking the other party.

Dear _(insert your name here)___,

1. How much courage do you need for you to break up with a toxic person?

2. How much time and pain do you need to realize that you deserve someone better?

3. How many more years do you need before you actually grow for yourself and not for anyone?

4. What would it take for you to treat yourself better?

5. What is holding you back that you cannot break it up?

6. What are your promises to yourself before you met this person? Are they still “promises?”

7. Have you assessed your self-improvement since the beginning of this relationship?

8. Do you feel better when he/she is not around?

9. Can you make it alone?

10. Are you willing to go through the feeling of emptiness just to make yourself feel “whole” again?

11. Have you exhausted all means of saving this relationship?

12. In the first place, do you have to?

13. Being in a relationship, what achievement have you done for yourself so far?

14. What have he/she done for you that he/ she could have done for himself/herself instead? Is it only fair because you’ve done the same?

15 Does he/she keep your sanity?

16. Or you’re already insane enough that you cannot live a day without him/her?

At this point, the answer to whether you still want this relationship or not is at the back of your mind already. You know yourself.


Do Well, Live Well, and Dress Really Well

December 9, 2015

Dear Diary,

This perhaps is one of the biggest positive news that I’ve received so far.

I just finished praying. I am truly grateful. I am truly happy. I feel so blessed. For a long time, I had been blankly contemplating on my existence. I was skeptical as to what my purpose was, or to what direction my life was going. It was a hard and long journey, and it was something I could have not done without God. I spent days pondering on what I will do with my life, searching for “myself,” jumping from one job to another to discover where I truly belong and to where I am the most effective at, applying for jobs even when I was not sure if they were truly what I wanted. All of these things were hard to go through. Up to this point I still have confused thoughts, but I will never ask God questions. I just know that He has the best plan for me, definitely better than what I planned and what I am currently planning. I don’t know what will happen, I am certain things will get tough, but I will get tougher.

Tonight, God showed me why a lot of things happened. Why He had let me do a lot of things even if I was not sure why I was actually doing them, and why He had let me suffer some things that I didn’t deserve at all. I know that tonight, He made things clear.

It’s funny. Suddenly, I have a new perspective in life. In a matter of seconds, everything changed. Years of uncertainties suddenly became worth it. It is true, you do not have to figure things out at the moment because someday you will know why, what, and how. Thankfully, I just did.

It is healthy to always take note that everything will fall into their proper places, in the right time and at the right place. Just have faith that everything gets better in time. In this life, the last thing that you need is a negative mind. Just do your thing. Do it right, and everything else will follow. Sometimes things will mess up, that’s for sure, but it shouldn’t stop you from believing what’s worth believing – that God has a great plan for your life, and that the good life is just around the corner. 🌞

– KC

Daily Dose

I know it has been months since my last entry. After my birthday last September, I started a new job and I am glad because it is the best one so far. I can really see myself staying in it, FINALLY. I also just finished the first semester of my master’s degree. I must say, one has to really have the right goals, immense drive, and dedicated time for it. It is truly not for everyone, and I’m still in the process of figuring out if it’s really for me. Still, it’s too early to quit! Thus, I will continue on my program until a “turning point” tells me otherwise. :)

Of everyday thoughts, how random can you be?

Another diary entry that’s been sitting in my phone for weeks now.

Dear me,

Things will be different from now on, and that’s okay. That’s normal and that’s simply life.

super friends <3

super friends!

Just like how you smile and wave at your now ex-coworker on the day of your resignation. You bid “bye” and smiled and they all smiled back at you, and you know at that moment that it will be your last exchange of goodbyes. You may or may not see them again but you didn’t hesitate to close the elevator. Because you know that’s how to end it, and it’s the only way – to leave these wonderful people behind in the most civil way. You didnt cry nor did they, but you’re aware how much it’s hurting inside. It’s okay to entertain pain, but you just didn’t. Why? Because it was your choice. And you dont wanna go on the following days whining about how wrong your decision was, so on that same moment you accepted the truth and you promised yourself  that everything will be fine, in time. Because you choose it. And you’ll prove yourself that right or wrong, you’ll stand by your words. May it be wrong, then you’ll learn, but you will not look back and regret.

Of course all goodbyes are hard, but at the same time the fact that you managed to survive the entire day knowing that everything associated with this or that has ended, you will get over it entirely, eventually.   You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Right now, that’s all you have to do and you’re good.

Thank you for the lovely, lovely people you've brought me. Til we meet again. :)

Thank you for the lovely, lovely people you’ve brought me. Such an awesome place to be in. Til we meet again.🙂

Not a perfect day but eventually it can be

Dear diary.

AAARGGH. This is one of those days when you just want to sleep through the whole day because it seems like everything would be interestingly fucked up, and you can tell that from the wee hours of your wonderfully crafted, yet ridiculously bad morning. Everything is etched together, yes. That includes having to wake up under the mad influence of sleep-deprivation on a 40•F April holiday to endure the agony of travelling through the busy lanes of Metro Manila. All for the glory of dipping yourself on a pool of love-hate relationship between urine and chlorine.

Well, I guess that sums up the first three hours of my summer get-away.

Mayfield! #DayOff

Mayfield! #DayOff

With solitude comes perspective

Dearest diary,

In this wicked and ever-changing world, “alone time” is by far the most vital part of an adult’s life. We’re not 16 anymore and we know (and should know) that going out on a Saturday night isn’t an obligation nor an event that needs to be forced on us by our peers. I’m not just talking about the mandatory weekend dates that we set and schedule for a good time, I’m referring to the whole idea of resting and completely shutting yourself down from social life by not trying to be the person who reaches out all the time. Because at one point or another, we will learn that in the long run, we have lost relationships and that is okay. Accept and get at peace with that fact. On a personal level, my Facebook account has been deactivated for about half a year now and the Best Decision Ever Award goes to that! I don’t have Twitter, Instagram nor any social accounts to publicly display myself and so far I’m living my life  peacefully. I have narrowed my friends down to a certain number of people who I only, and really, care about. A good set of people who I know is worth bringing in the future, because who likes living in the past? I found a good perspective in life when I decided to take control of things that I can actually control, while leaving every single person and thing behind that doesn’t contribute any positivism to my wellness.  Love love, KC.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson (quote from Thought catalog)

Best weekend of the year, so far. We waited 7 years for this Saturday night. (And it took me 4 months to finally find a reason to update this blog.  I swear I missed you though, my dear online diary.)

I’m genuinely thankful for God’s favor. This is one of the most-awaited little getaways I have ever needed, and I’m glad it finally came. Like everyone else, I was so occupied by work and other personal stuff that the prior months left me exhausted.

THE bonfire.

The last time I had this was way back in Grade 6, during our indoor Girl Scout camping. Now I get to enjoy this under the moonlight on a cold sheet of welcoming sand with the most intimate people of my life. Ahhh, life.


Bonfire in this resort costs P400. Fair enough for an hour-long of… picture-taking.


#YOLO. At this distance, my face feels like  it’s on fire. Now I know I know how hell feels like. Kidding!


My kind of Saturday night. THIS.IS.LIFE.


6 hours later.


The much-needed jump shot.


This photo makes my heart go “aww”. It’s nice to know your sister goes well with your best friends, and boyfriend.


#Landi. lol


Sunsilk Summer Commercial!!


While they watch us saying “dafuq”


High school best buddies turned-into-bestfriends-of-seven-years


We played cards, consequence for the loser is self-explanatory.


Went out for more sun. Kawawa yung mga kabayo kasi 1) bata pa sila 2) SOBRANG init and yet kelangan nila “magtrabaho”.



Have a good summer ahead!!