“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson (quote from Thought catalog)

Best weekend of the year, so far. We waited 7 years for this Saturday night. (And it took me 4 months to finally find a reason to update this blog.  I swear I missed you though, my dear online diary.)

I’m genuinely thankful for God’s favor. This is one of the most-awaited little getaways I have ever needed, and I’m glad it finally came. Like everyone else, I was so occupied by work and other personal stuff that the prior months left me exhausted.

THE bonfire.

The last time I had this was way back in Grade 6, during our indoor Girl Scout camping. Now I get to enjoy this under the moonlight on a cold sheet of welcoming sand with the most intimate people of my life. Ahhh, life.


Bonfire in this resort costs P400. Fair enough for an hour-long of… picture-taking.


#YOLO. At this distance, my face feels like  it’s on fire. Now I know I know how hell feels like. Kidding!


My kind of Saturday night. THIS.IS.LIFE.


6 hours later.


The much-needed jump shot.


This photo makes my heart go “aww”. It’s nice to know your sister goes well with your best friends, and boyfriend.


#Landi. lol


Sunsilk Summer Commercial!!


While they watch us saying “dafuq”


High school best buddies turned-into-bestfriends-of-seven-years


We played cards, consequence for the loser is self-explanatory.


Went out for more sun. Kawawa yung mga kabayo kasi 1) bata pa sila 2) SOBRANG init and yet kelangan nila “magtrabaho”.



Have a good summer ahead!!

Enchanted Kingdom: Photo Diary

SWEETS! 6 years of friendship <3


On our way!


Wooohoo! There were nine of us, one of us should ‘sacrifice’. lol :)


Getting all splashed after the jungle log jam. :D #PublicDisplayofAffectionimage

Rio Grande  Rapids crazy quequeimage

The view when you’re on the Wheel of Fate ( Ferris wheel )image

My girlfriend <3


…and my other girlfriends.


Photos are all in full sizes, they vary because of the different phones / camera used. As usual, EK day is always fun! :)

Seduced by the glamour of a 26-inch waist


I might want to change that to monthly dose, I wish I can update this blog more often.

Dear diary,

Two of the best parts of my rest days are 1) waking up to NO alarm and 2) having the pleasure of making my own fabulous breakfast.

It had been six months since I went in for the green living- basically trying hard to choose eating the green and healthy things over fried /  junk / frozen / fast food. I am somehow successful on this but I cannot, CANNOT really let go of my sweet tooth. It’s ironic, I will buy a bowl of salad for lunch but then I will still include a cup of sundae. I can eat a whole piece of sansrival in a week. This is the reason I am not reaching my weight goal. As for the title, 26 inches is the most realistic measure I can get, according to my unofficial calculations, which is based on my lifestyle.


My usual lunch at work. I always try hard to make it as colorful as possible to avoid fried-chicken-with-lots-of-gravy temptation.


and then when I’m at home.

However, this whole diet thing can get boring at some point. So a few days ago I bought about 2 kilos of bacon. Yes, I know the means do not justify anything, but you know, BACON. Lovin’ it.


bacon and egg sandwich! with hot sauce and mayo and ketchup and cheese!!! :D :D

So, of course, I need to refocus on my diet from this day forward. I just bought two dresses this week without trying them on and that was so ambitious of me to think that they will fit. THEY DO NOT.

note* They fit well on my sister’s petite body though so I just gave it to her with a heavy heart. lol. Goodbye, my dear friend… I so excited for you but life did not gave us a chance to be together. :'(

So yeah this morning I am so in the mood of having that rockin’ beach bod by the end of January. I actually woke up to a laxative-dosed tummy from that tea I drank last night. Quite possible if I won’t lose the discipline. I promised myself to sign up in our nearest gym after Christmas, or whenever my schedule will allow me. I always tell myself that as a young woman, I should always make ever single day an opportunity to make myself better and healthier, whether it be physical or not. I won’t get to do this ten years from now, for that time I would have a different life that won’t be focused on myself anymore. You know, family. :)

YAY! My exciting breakfast today.

YAY! My exciting breakfast today: 2pcs of tomato, lettuce, 1 egg, 1 slice of Vigan longganissa, a piece of buko meat, a spoon of roasted sesame dressing and  a glass of calamansi juice.

So much of this narcissism. Have a good day! :)



Things I am thankful of at the moment

Dear Diary,

1. I just went to church and therefore, as always, a blessed day it is.

2. I just got accepted for the Masters Degree Program I originally applied for.(MAELED with Thesis)

3. I should be happy because I am now a part of my dream school. The very fact that I got the Letter of Acceptance for De Lasalle University is not yet sinking in. Maybe in a few days.


I just graduated college and now I’m finally about to start my Masters. 

4. It’s December 7, 2014. My awesome boyfriend and I are celebrating our very first anniversary. :)

5. I just watched Hunger Games: Mockingjay yesterday with Mahal and it was my first time to ever fall asleep during a movie in a theater. (Not that it was boring, I was just so exhausted and tired)

6. Watched some fireworks display yesterday while laying on clean grass.

7. Work-related, my new class to handle just started. I should be excited for their learning!

8. It’s my day off. Come on.

9. Dinner out with my best buddies a while ago, I am happy despite my boring no rice diet.

10. I just bought this new phone I’m using now. :)

11. I am close to my goal for the savings I should be keeping for this month. This is very difficult though.

12. I don’t need to set my alarm tomorrow. Rest day, you know. :)

From time to time, I need to be reminded of how grateful I should be. This is actually kinda sad though, not being able to realize good things at the moment unless I write them down.

Still, I am thankful. Good night. :)

PS. I just thought of this quote I read that’s been running through my mind for a week now.  “A mind that has been stretched in new dimensions cannot go back to its original state”. It’s a beautiful line that explains, perhaps, why sometimes it’s hard for me to feel genuine happiness when I need to. I guess you just never stop improving yourself. Sometimes, it’s okay to be not so contented with your success so that you can push yourself to do more. I do celebrate though! I just did yesterdayand today. Goodnight na talaga. :)

Happy happy happy me,

KC :)


I don’t normally broadcast our relationship but we are simply happy and I’m soooo lovin this photo because I can see the joy and spark in our eyes. Cheesy huh :)

Let’s Talk About Your Medicine

It’s so important for individuals to fully understand the risks and benefits of theirs and their loved one’s medications.

Before everything else, I just want to give a personal shout out and kudos to Ms Judy Cohen, Outreach Coordinator with The American Recall Center, which is focused in, from her own words, educating individuals on recall updates within the medical community. This November, They’re focused on bringing awareness to a topic that is not often talked about: medication safety. In doing this,we hope to encourage conversations both online and at family celebrations this Thanksgiving.

Ms Judy, thank you for considering me as one of the influential bloggers to help spread awareness online. I actually just made myself extra aware of this topic by writing this post.

I may not need to take medicine every day, but I chose to. Apparently I chose this set of chemicals grouped under an alphabetized vitamin “generic descriptor” title, such as “Vitamin E”. These are, and any other vitamins, required less often to maintain the health of a human body.

This is a self-made decision, and luckily I didn’t need any doctor’s prescriptions since this is an over-the-counter medicine. Though, of course, I made sure that I’m on a safe track by reading legitimate online journals and articles for days.

A little review! According to the universal student pre-loved website Wikipedia, A vitamin is an organic compound and a nutrient that an organism (like us, human) requires in LIMITED AMOUNTS. Apparently I wasn’t listening very well in biology class, back in my high school days. So, I was just done reading some stuff online for this and finally gave myself a good review, it made sense:  an organic chemical compound is called a vitamin when the organism cannot produce compound in sufficient quantities, and must be obtained through the diet.

Diet? There are good and bad ones, of course. You’ll a get a perfect one ONLY if you make a conscious effort to plan your meals and choose every single food on your plate. Honestly I’ve tried that – calculating calories and weighing sugar and fats over healthy veggies, but it is really stressful – not my stuff. Kudos to all the dietitians out there, one really needs enough college units regarding this to make sure every intake of food for your body is what we call “healthy”. However, I still give myself a pat on the back each time I will survive a very healthy meal, because that means I am sacrificing my love for junk foods. I am no good in medical required quantities but my sister is a registered nurse and I occasionally hear her reprimand (in a loving way, of course) my father who has diabetes whenever he will put two cups of rice in his plate.

Why do you take this medicine?

Because of this constant voice in my head that tells me I need to be on top of my personal goals now that I’m on my 22nd year of my nice life. I wanted to be healthy and prevention is always better than cure. I had always hated my skin since high school because of genes persistent acne, and now that <em>they</em> finally stopped bugging my life, I have somehow learned the art and science of taking care of my face by at having least a good set of skin regimen, monthly visit to the dermatologist and a daily dose of Vitamin E.

Yes, I take vitamin

E and that is what I’m going to talk about in the next couple of paragraphs.

This is not an advertisement post, but I do take Myra 400 E. It’s been months now, and so far, it’s good enough to keep me buying this product.

I’m in the Philippines, and we Filipinas naturally have morena skin – meaning a fair shade in between white and brown. This means I cannot get a blonde-white complexion unless I regularly take glutathione injections or pills or big doses of vitamin c or soap with for a good year, which is saddening because social statistics shows that we, in general, prefer this skin type. But you know what? I can’t change mine but I can give it a fair and a healthy glow by taking in Vitamin E. I’m a grown woman and I would appreciate myself more with that.

How do you remember to take your medicines?

I have to! I take 400mg of this daily, while 1500mg of vitamin E is the maximum intake  (according to one the medical journals that I’ve read and also I bet on Myra’s official site) for 24 hours. I am not allowed to take any other supplement that has a good dose of vitamin e on it because that is just not right for a balanced human system. I don’t have a pill box but I put this in my top drawer wherein I put my earrings, so whenever I go home from work, change my clothes and take off my accessories, I would definitely be reminded to take these good orange and lovely capsules.

What side effects have you experienced?

Aside from the psychological side effect that I’m now-more-conscious to observe my skin? Ironically, my lips gets very dry. I have figured that this is not because of the lipstick that I’m using because this Vitamin E the only thing that I’ve added in my diet. Anyways I have heard that oil supplements (Shark’s Oil pills) can make a great change in moisturizing hair, nails and skin, but that is a totally different story.

Where do you go for medical support?

For my general inquiries (eg medical certificates) and seasonal illnesses (eg random allergies or Tonsilitis), I go to our local doctor’s office. But for this dietary supplement, I read online journals and real-life conversation threads and reviews on blogs by people who take this same medicine / vitamin. Starting a change and by taking in daily a capsule is a bit scary because our bodies may react differently by giving us allergies / weight change – either gain or loss, or it may contradict with other important drugs that we are already taking. It is quite a trial-and-error process, so before I took this, I needed and gathered enough personal testimonies and some intensive research to justify a positive result. I’m glad that it is, somehow, working effectively for my skin.

I believe we all understand that medication safety really is important!

Thank you for reading! Take good care!

dear diary

Saturday 2:05 AM

I still keep a couple of hard copy of my thoughts –  my old but nevertheless trusted diaries back at home tucked and hidden inside my unappealing crumpled  box. This is especially for the sleepless nights when I should be dreaming after a weary day at work. For a number of reasons that keep me up (PMS, vitamins with Beta-blockers, high dose of caffeiince throughout the day, a workout 2 hours before my bed time .-whatever) It’s just so hard for me to fall asleep.

Where am I again? Oh yeah. Diaries are for my stream of consciousness. Whenever I feel like my thoughts deserve to be inked on paper or something. This is not for anyone but my future self. Because right now I enjoy reading entries I made five years ago. Stupid fantasies that make me realize how much I matured today. But I am still learning, bit by bit but certainly.

I still keep a couple of notebooks and scrap papers with uncanny doodles and notes on them because not everything in my life should have a hash tag on Twitter, a Like on Facebook or a certain number of views in my blog (ooh ironic because I’m gonna post this in a bit).

For the past months, I keep on saying that everything will be okay. I don’t expect everything to be perfect and I know that nothing will be at their best state. But for now, I must say that things are definitely better. A lot better. Although I know that like all things (good or bad) this too shall pass, I want to get a grip on this. I’m at peace and I’m pleased.  In fact I’m on my second cup  (2/4)  of cappuccino here on my ultra comfortable desk chair while I’m writing this. Yup as shallow as it may sound, one of the best things in life is not having to haste on to submitting your reports. And yes, finally I can approve that coffee saves the  shift day when you only have four hours of sleep.  Life’s good. Cheers.

Anyways, some of the good reads this week:

* Discuss people, to understand them more.

*If I hadn’t trusted my instincts,I would have missed out on something amazing.

* Suicide is not a sign a person is weak,  it’s a sign the battle with depression as lost.

* I had a every nasty habit for the majority of my life: I kept far too close the people that were nothing but toxic for me.

(this is terrible but I can’t quote the authors because I have lost track of where I got them) oops.

How I spent my birthday

My weekend isn’t enough to celebrate with everyone I love, but nevertheless it went through as a very awesome one! I am really thankful for having such loving family and friends .. and boyfriend. :)


group chat at office

My work shift ends at 5am, but since we had a lunch reservation at 11:30am, I stayed at the office until then. It was really tiring but of course, consider the fact that it is actually my birthday and that this is the only chance that I got amidst a tight schedule, I went for it. :)

Lunch at Vikings is one of the sure ways to start a wonderful day, your happy belly and taste buds will thank you. :) My family and I also celebrated my birthday here last year and I’m glad that for the second time, it didn’t disappoint me. :) We asked for a reservation via Facebook a day or two before my birthday and their response was immediate. Also on the exact hour of our reservation deadline they called us to ask if we were still coming. Of course! We were 15 minutes late though. hahaha. I also want to point out that their receptionists were very accommodating and I really felt their happy birthday greeting for me was a warm one. My only concern was the lines for the buffet corners were pretty long, the heavy white plate on my  hand was such a burden.


20140926_133703_Richtone(HDR) 20140926_133824_Richtone(HDR) 20140926_134049

20140926_134436 20140926_140831

I don’t remember how many plates I had, but everything’s superb. My favorites are the frozen yogurt, Twinings teas and Mango Surprise cake. :)

I went home at around 3pm. Such a responsible girl to come home late considering that I have a shift at 8pm nad therefore needs to sleep. Good luck to me! My favorite little cousin was there and I spent the next two hours playing with him. Sleep is for the weak. Anyways this stuff on my room literally surprised me. Sweet sisters. :)


The notes are so sweet. And the “you’re hot” balloon is cool. :)IMG_20140926_163044

They knew I love gummy bears! My super tired smile before I sleep. hehe


another shift after this and it’s morning again!! Another birthday celebration, this time with my family and friends.

For a group of 20 plus people, It is so so so hard to call in for a reservation. So we opt for Tramway Buffet Garden. Apparently, the restaurant was disappointing in general. The ambiance wasn’t as good as it was when my sisters and I were here about two years ago.  I also felt that the staff weren’t really accommodating and that they were just doing their job for the sake of doing their job. I won’t elaborate, I just brushed off the thought because my concern that night is to enjoy. At least I know that I won’t be coming back to here.

I honestly don’t know why the photos are really blurry. Here are some.





IMG_20140927_191728 IMG_20140927_201303 10622811_746494308737031_3961922314788240313_n

Yipee! The food was just okay, but the actual dinner with my family was great. :)

And now for with my friends at 8pm.

20140927_205839 20140927_215557 20140927_215740 20140927_223446_LLS 20140927_235801_LLS

Honestly, I don’t know what their orders were. I remember chicken, Crispy Pata and another pork dish. Plus the cocktail tower. :)

20140928_00252820140928_000441_LLS 20140928_023929 20140928_001138

The Crispy Pata platter that I almost devoured alone.


Yellow cab pizza/pasta/chicken + KTV  at Metrowalk+ fooooooood + best friends + Mahal + 3am + overnight at Christian’s house = GREAT TIME.

I am still missing some of my best friends, I hope I can catch up with them soon.  So, this is how I spent my awesome birthday. Thank you guys. Thank you God.:)