agony of waiting

I just wanna share that I LOL hard on this 9gag post. from 9gag

Dear diary.

I am probably one of the most impatient human creatures ever lived on earth. I HATE waiting even just for a literal minute. But now, I am figuring out how to do this: calming my anxious and frustrated self over the long agony of waiting for the results of my exam and job offer.

 DLSU Graduate Studies should have posted the results for their successful candidates five days ago but perhaps due to undesirable circumstances, the list isn’t ready yet.  I just can’t do anything but wait and HOPE. I already emailed and called admissions office but the lines were always busy.

 Also, Mahal and I are still waiting for a call/ text/ email from Teletech for our job offer/ (I believe we were listed under the same account!) because we were informed that the classes will start on either the first or second week of September, so since this is technically the first week, I assume it will start next week and I thus I should be expecting a call any minute now.

This is just so hard for me because I can’t really decide if I’m going to pursue my Masters this term (IF I get accepted) or I will write a letter to the office and request if I may start next term, which is on January. This is my top priority as of this moment and thus I can’t accept any job offer yet until I know my schedule for the university.

Third complexity is that I really need to know first if they credited my application for scholarship because if they didn’t, I really need to double work my ass of this Ber months.

I don’t know what got it in my head but out of frustration, I sent resumes online to companies and just hours after, I received texts asking my confirmation for interviews. NOW WHAT TO DO? I am still waiting for the results. Waaaa. I just made things more difficult to comprehend.

With all of these difficulties, God is with me. He will always be. Prayers are just amazing, because peace of mind comes instantly. Knowing that I did my very best,  God will do the rest.

XOXO. Kc. :)

so for the mean time, WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY?

1. A nice serving of shawarma, Jamaican Pattie, a warm bowl of butter popcorn, Jollibee Chicken joy and spaghetti, Greenwich lasagna, kwek kwek, Family Mart twirl-all-you-can sundae cone, Kanto Freestyle breakfast, barley juice, chocolate-covered polvoron, banana.  

2. 9gag, Thought Catalog, The Simpsons Tapped out, PVZ2 updates. 

3. Choir rehearsals.

4. Waking up every morning and NOT feeling bloated. 

5. 100 squats, 100 jumping jacks and 100 bicycle crunches a day is a success for me.


6. Dinner out with best friends and walk-a-thons with boyfriend, just talking about the simple joys of our everyday lives. 

7. How could I forget? Prayers and church services. 

8. My little cousin’s recorded voice. :)

9. Department stores, clearance sales, visiting Tomato / Forever 21 (ONLY when they’re on sale. hahaha)


10. Family lunch out.

Thank you for reading my sentiments tonight. :) :*

Hopefully I’m not one of these.

REBLOG! I find these clever analogies hilarious. You know, for conversations in public.



screenshot from yahoo


 Pinoys sure are a creative bunch when it comes to wordplay.

Here’s a list of acronyms we use when signing dedications in slumbooks.

Here’s a list of Filipino words that don’t have English translations.

And here is a collection of 8 food terms that are used to describe beauty or the lack of it.

1 2 




Intended just for fun, let’s not be rude and joke any of these around people. :)

HASHTAG justbestfriendthings

Dear Diary,

I’m just superbly happy that my friends and I didn’t change in terms of our bonding moments. Of course, we’re all grown-ups now with different sets of problems and priorities, but I find it really amazing that we can still manage to find a couple of hours twice a month or so so that we can catch up on our lives. For the past 8 years, these people have been the source of my unexplained contentment in friendship.

I remember when I was in high school, I was the most socially awkward person, ever. No Facebook or whatever. I never wished to have any cellphone even when I was already at my Junior year because I (really) don’t need it. Then my birthday came and I received one! Turned out, they all gave a little of their allowances so that they can buy me one, because they want me to “have a life” outside our circle. hahaha. Ah, I love them so much. :)

PicMonkey Collage


PS I miss Lalaine. We haven’t talked in years, literally. :(

PSS It’s also a good thing to have the most understanding boyfriend in the world, someone you wouldn’t worry about bugging you the whole night out while you’re with your friends, because he knows how to give enough space. :)


I was lucky and blessed enough to be a part of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Celebration by being a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo Symphonic Choir which was formed specially for the majestic composition of Ka Rod Ramos’ Oratorio.



It was my first time to join this huge musical group and over-all, the experience was beyond compare. Sacrifices and hardships were made, considering that our rehearsals took 9 months to complete. We started October 2013 and polished everything this July 2014. I got used to seeing an orchestra playing in front for me during our practices, compared to my first WOW of seeing them in actual person. You don’t see a harp or different brass and woodwind instruments  on a regular basis, do you? I miss them, specially the cymbals banging just right beside your left eardrums.


What’s more amazing is that we were taught of the most prestigious music teachers. My favorite is Ka Ed Manguiat, the founder and conductor of the University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors (UPSA), he is also the former mentor of our local voice coach, Ka Odysseus Patena. Everyone’s so blessed to have him because of his wit and clever humor.

UPSA Conductor Ed Manguiat founded the group in 1980 as a freshman dormitory choir at the State University. He has studied under world-renowned choral musicians and trained under respected names in vocal pedagogy and choral conducting in the Philippines. He has also won various international conductor’s awards in choral competitions. source


So apparently I can now say that we got free music and voice lessons for nine awesome months. Not to mention the free food and new friends! To God be the glory for He allowed all of these blessings to pour unto us.

Okay, so we scheduled this pictorial days ahead and we were like so excited and I did a lot of preparations, full make-up and stuff and by the time I looked at this photo, I was like.. WHERE AM I??? hahaha. apparently I’m at the far back, the last line of them all. #youcantseeme haha


at least I have a solid proof (that I was a part of this) to show my my grandchildren in the future. aww yiss.


May I share some of our photos?

The Barangka Sacred Chorus: Rehearsals from October 2013 – July 2014

… but we don’t have any photos of the ACTUAL rehearsal because any multimedia devices are not allowed inside the multimedia hall. Ooh the irony.




dress rehearsal





20140721_053946Philippine Arena, July 27, 2014.

almost there!

HAPPY GIRL! I’ve been working on this for over a year now and FINALLY, De La Salle University – Manila  accepted my application for admission for Graduate Program! This is my fourth attempt, and God is really good.


Exam permit after completing about fifteen + requirements which I worked on for a couple of months. Woooooo.


THANK YOU for everything, you’re such a big part of this. Thank you for always going out of your way just to help me. <3

Screenshot_2014-07-18-19-46-59                                                                ALMOST THERE. Exam tomorrow. Best of luck.

**Updated post : Exam earlier!


time to endure this long agony of waiting and hoping for positive exam results! :)