Four rest days, baby!

Whoa!! FINALLY. I needed this long break so much, I hope I’ll be able to do productive things on this long weekend. Cheers! 


I know it’s bad, but I’m really into laxatives. :D


hoho, face mask


and then I realized I look like him! haha. I painted this one last month.

Talking about dreams.

What I really love about working in a call center industry is the fact that people around you are well-driven by their short and long term goals. We all have it, aspirations and a positive hope for our future. As for me, my dreams have deadlines. I’ve set them in such a way that everyday when I wake up, I am more drawn to that particular month I’m so excited about. I’m picturing myself and as much as it hurts me everytime I’m reminded that “hey, everything’s vague right now, not even sure of anything”, another part of me is saying “shut up, at least you’re a step closer.” Yup, no matter how small the step is, at least I know that I’m making progress. I badly want to start taking my classes on Master’s Degree. That should be on the third quarter of this year.

Anyways, what’s the connection between call center and my dream? The answer is the people I’m with everyday. It’s a sad thing that some stupid people cannot help but mock call center agents, I often hear them saying “Bakit ka nagcall center? Di ba four years ka sa college?” I’m saying, SO WHAT. It’s just a f* diploma, just a piece of paper, and it doesn’t have the capability to measure any of your skills. It may cover up your ass only for a certain extent of qualification, but the real deal of life is how you’ll work your way up AFTER graduation. I had always been amazed of the people who are smart enough to work in a call center company starting in the floor level and then eventually penetrating higher and wider scopes of expertise in a short period of months or years. I believe in these people more than I do with the people who have a lot of academic accreditation. I know that there is no shortcut to success, but working smart is always better than working hard. Bottom line, call centers provide better job opportunities for well-driven people.

How’s your lunch?

Carl will always jokingly ask us this question every Eleven something in the morning.

He will always get the same answer from us:


Now, a life-changing lunch? How weird is that? Apparently, at the back of my head I feel that “hey,you know what?  It is actually true.”

It has been two weeks when I started in my new work. Two weeks actually mean only ten days, and yet I feel that I’ve been with my new friends for quite some time now. I’m elated with that fact.


With Pat, Gracie and Tin. :)


Gracie, Tin, Pat and Jteesh. :)

Every lapsing hour, my mindset gets a little bit wider and clearer in preparation to whatever I’m leading to. I wanted to be lead to something. I have plans and goals and what not as of this moment, but worse comes to worst, I am not certain and I know I should be having back-up plans by now. Anyhow, I realized that yeah, maybe it’s really okay to focus on my todays (that’s how I call it) rather than my tomorrows. Focus should be my major priority right now because I’m in the most crucial days of training.

Here we go again, random thoughts just can’t stop popping out of my head. Arggh. Again, fully-loaded day offs. When can I have a rest? Huhu. <3 <3

Hooray for this week!

The last two weeks of my life had been terrible, but this one is mine. I’m claiming it. Lots of very good things happened, and I can only thank God for everything. As in, everything. :)

National Breakfast Day here in the Philippines. Thank you, Mcdo!


Catching up / shopping with friends.


FINALLY GETTING A JOB. Look at our happy faces!!! :D :D


Poopipie getting a job, also! Congratulations to us!!!


Indeed, all it takes is the right company. Do not settle for one which does not see your worth and full potential. :)



An important note to guys out there:

Give her space. Your woman is so good at giving, sometimes she will need to be reminded to take time to nurture herself. Sometimes she will need to fly from your branches to go and find what feeds her soul, and if you give her that space she will come back with new songs to sing with you. <3 via fb

Lots of learning, hooray!

edited? what edited?

This morning I went a little overboard of my vanity. I mentioned in my previous post that I hate the hair and makeup that they put on me while I was in the photo studio for my graduation package. That so explains the following photos.

1. The only app I know for editing my photos is Picmonkey. Thank goodness for their good features. Here, I put eyeliner and eye shadow on my almost-bare eyes using the Eye Brow Pencil feature under Touch Up, alternating the brush size and the opacity of the lines / strokes.This is so fun!!!


My hair looked like it wasn’t combed for ages.The tangles were so obvious, and my hair color was just not appealing to the eyes, no no no do not remind me of it.

I added some magical “volume” in my hair and changed the color from Ombre Brown to all Black (somehow). For fun.


I also wanted to do it on the other side, since I also don’t like the earrings I used, I thought of covering it. But it appeared it requires a lot of mad Photoshop skills, so I ditched the idea after trying hard.


Photoshopping my face had never been this fun. I painted literally and altered almost everything on my face. :D

                      BEFORE                                                   AFTER